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Consumer Products PLM Conference offers innovative PLM education to RFA Industry from the comfort of your desk

Next to people, information is your company’s most important resource. From technical specifications to cost sheets and lab dips to strike-offs, managing information and communicating with customers is more challenging then ever. If you are a manufacturer, retailer or a trading company you realize that the volume of external and internal information you need to store and manage is considerable.  Your company needs to manage an ever increasing number of drawings, specifications and RFP’s from each customer, each coming from a different system.

With many different types of solutions to choose from PDM (Product Data Management) to PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and new ways to purchase software from licenses to subscriptions what does it all mean to you? Everyone is talking about software systems that can change the way you work. But what solutions exist that can truly streamline the collaborative exchanges between you and your customers?  And how much can you afford? How long will it take to install and benefit from an implementation? Can you afford consultants? There are so many questions to answer. Where do you go? Where do you start? What is everyone else doing?

Finally, there is a place to find answers to these questions and more. PLM Bootcamp 09’ is the first virtual PLM event for the RFA industry. Designed and developed by leading PLM consultants and vendors, the virtual event, which you can attend from the comfort of your desk, offers a PLM Curriculum that walks organizations considering PLM as a strategic technology direction, through the steps to successfully pull off what is an otherwise challenging endeavor.

A simple registration on secures your access to a library of videos designed to take you through the steps typically offered by the best consultancies. The foundation curriculum includes topics as varied as: aligning your organization; developing a strategy; researching vendors; developing an RFP, selecting a vendor and project scope and understanding the underlying technologies available and their pros and cons. With this foundation under your belt your PLM advocates and team members can then dig deeper and select sessions on developing your “as-is” processes; developing software requirements; change management; implementation methodologies; and systems integration to get to one version of the truth.

Each session was designed by a committee and the content is delivered by an expert. High resolution video allows you to watch a session, typically running under an hour. Stop and pause features allow you to control the experience. Twelve sessions are available as well as two free keynotes. One such key note address by Denise Seegal, the past CEO of some of the leading retail brands including Ralph Lauren, DKNY, Calvin Klein, Liz Claiborne, VF Corporation, Nautica and Sweetface Fashion Co’s JLO, offers a global perspective and provides insights to executives in retail and manufacturing looking to PLM as a competitive advantage. Out takes of the session titled “From paralysis to prosperity with PLM – A view from the Executive Suite” is available online at:, and can give you a taste for the format.

The event sponsored By Technology Evaluation Center, TBC Unlimited and Zweave provides a “goody bag” to attendees with whitepapers, reports, discounts and information not typically available online. Exhibitors host virtual booths with access to downloads and offer you a way to learn about a vendor at your discretion. The format, new to the RFA industry, is clearly innovative and solves many of the issues busy executives have in planning their attendance at events. The virtual format let’s you decide what you see, when you see it and how you see it. Let’s face it! This is how you watch TV and get information in your personal life. Why not in your professional life too!

With industry trade shows and conferences shutting their doors and travel budgets cut, organizations need access to educational information that is not designed to sell them a product or service but make them better buyers and adopters of technologies that are lauded in the press as the next big thing. With sessions costing $75, and discounts for six and twelve session packages PLM education is made accessible to any level budget. DVD’s are also available and a great way to introduce PLM education to your organization.

The launch event which took place October 9th and 10th with a “live virtual” conference was extremely well attended with over 100 visitors. The on-demand event is available online until December 20th. Visitors surveyed shared their impressions which included:  “Best PLM event I have seen so far”; “This was educational not a big sales pitch, totally worth it” and  “More like a PLM curriculum then a webinar”. Find out for yourself!

This will be an ongoing series and in future articles we will share valuable information from the PLM boot camp sessions. For more information go to


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