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Day two of PLM Boot Camp 09’ kicked off with a Keynote by Chad Jackson, Vice President and Group Director of Design to Delivery Practices for the Aberdeen Group titled: “Technology’s Place in Design through Delivery Transformation: making fast fashion a less painful reality”. Chad has a strong product management background in the Enterprise Software industry and previously worked at a leading MCAD and PLM vendor, PTC, for over ten years.  Chad shared data from his last report and brought home the difficulty of running a profitable apparel and footwear business in these times. In his research, Chad found some companies that are growing profitably and realizing almost twice the revenue growth as compared to others in his survey. Chad shares the strategies, processes and technologies employed by the Best-in-Class as a baseline for making changes.  Some of Chad’s key observations included his belief that RFA companies should not build there own PLM systems but find Commercial solutions to build on.

In session two, Steve Holland, a principal at MADLAN Specialists, Inc. introduces “Don’t pave the cow paths – understand your “As- Is” processes to better implement your PLM Solution”. Steve has over 20 years of experience working with leading retailers and technology companies across the globe in designing and delivering high-value, cost-effective business process and IT-enabled solutions and most recently came from Coach. Steve demonstrated why he is highly regarded as a leader in his field and shared his hands-on expertise with PLM, procurement, merchandising, demand planning, direct-to-consumer, and supply chain processes and systems. Steve shares the methods and techniques used for gathering the “as-is” details around the end-to-end business processes that will be impacted by PLM.  Steve distinguishes PLM as is process from other process gathering work to demonstrate some of its unique characterizations. He says: “you get what you measure, so measure at the process level to maximize your process and move the needle in delivering the benefits of PLM”. Steve recommends companies focus on what processes produce not just the steps of the process in order to make your performance targets achievable. Measures should always encourage collaboration he advises and you should always validate your as is processes in a rigorous manner because the “as is process” can help you capture your companies “secret sauce”.

In Session three, “Creating an Effective Process for the Rapid Design, Development and Launch of New Product Introductions”,  Ken Koenemann, Managing Director of TBM Consulting Group, a lean leader with more than 16 years of experience, focuses on product development and introduces lean product design and development approaches that use concept development through a managed creativity process. Your design and product development teams will like the special attention Ken provides on making them an integral apart of the PLM process. Ken shares tips design teams won’t typically think of unless they are avid researchers of product development methodologies. For instance they will enjoy learning about tools like the “House of Quality” which is used to get to what drives customer requirements and satisfaction.

The last session of the morning was presented by the duo comprised of Nancy Johnson, the Founder & CEO of Optimyze and Matt Gersper the Founder and President of Global Data Mining, LLC. In their session “The PLM Implementation Methodology Guide – Step by step do’s and don’ts for implementing PLM solutions” Nancy who leads an award winning advisory services firm provides strategic and practical solutions to boot camp attendees on the most important implementation steps. She shares use cases about her world class clients and how they were successful in their projects by asking the right questions and bringing in the right experts. Nancy encourages organizations to bring in outside resources such as subject matter experts, consultants, systems integration partners, engineers and specialists to really make sure an organization is ready for PLM. She points out that organizations should listen to these people, perhaps pointing out the obvious, which is to take their advice!  Matt details the different kinds of data you will need to think about in a PLM implementation and emphasizes: “Don’t pick a system before looking at your data needs”. As the owner of CUSTOMS Info, LLC and director for the International Trade Bureau he encourages companies to include customs data in the PLM process.

The afternoon kicks off with Laura McCann-Ramsey Zweave, Inc.’s CEO, a platinum sponsor of this event. In her session: “Measure twice and cut once: Manage your risk when implementing PLM with better requirements gathering” Laura shares her best of breed approach for requirements gathering and definition which seems to be working for her as she has won eight consecutive R&D grants from the Department of Defense for developing PLM for the U.S Navy & Army’s Clothing & Equipment Program Management offices. Prior to Zweave, Laura ran a global buying office developing and sourcing products for Target, NY & Co, Express, Limited, Victoria Secret, Cato, Sizes Unlimited and more. Trained as a Fashion designer and a graduate of Parsons School of Design, Laura spent 15 years working in private label manufacturing and her experience includes technical design, merchandising, product development and sourcing. As you wonder how your are going to take your forms, templates databases and processes and turn them into great requirements that drive your PLM system’s development, Laura shares the tools and tricks you will need. Software requirements development are a lot like product development she says and emphasizes that you can turn your internal team into great Subject Matter Experts and teach them to drive the requirements to get to a better set of features and functions even though they are not technically trained.

In the “The Hard Work of PLM Implementation: Aligning and Engaging People to Make it Work” Amy Armitage the Principal and Co-founder Delta NPD LLC, a business solutions company specializing in leadership, organizational development, coaching and project management needs of new product development and product life cycle management shares how clients can create innovative and customer-focused solutions to drive measurable improvement and achieve business goals. Amy has over 20 years of professional experience as a consulting practice market leader, organizational and project management consultant, and business executive. “Organizations don’t change, people do and no matter how large a project you are taking on, the success of that project ultimately lies with each employee buying into your vision” Says Amy. She explains how effective change management requires an understanding for and appreciation of how one person makes a change.  Amy talks about the ABC’s model: antecedents, behavior, consequences and stresses managers roles in getting results. She uses the example of listening skills where someone is engaged versus looking at their phone and texting and the result of that on the persons willingness to continue to speak.

In the last session of the day, Steve Holland is back with “One Version of the Truth – Learn about the tools available to connect systems, data, people and processes”. In this session Steve who has worked for several specialty apparel, footwear, and department store leaders across the U.S., Australia, and Europe including Chanel, Coach, Coles Myer Ltd., Foot Locker, Gap, The Limited, and Saks Fifth Avenue talks about how to bring your end-to-end business processes together with your information system and learn more about the processes, tools, and techniques that companies are leveraging across PLM, ERP, CAD, and other systems.

Another successful day at PLM Boot Camp 09’!

Our experts shared valuable information and stories from the front lines of PLM you can’t find anywhere else.

It’s Friday October 9th and you can register for the on-demand portion of PLM Boot Camp if you missed the live 2 day virtual event NOW!. Access the video library that includes our two keynotes and the twelve sessions. If you missed any sessions during the live event log back in, up to 4 times and select what you want to view.


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