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Top 5 Reasons to Attend PLM Bootcamp 09

Thinking about how to manage your business, people, products and information better?

Consumer Products organizations are seeking thought leadership in PLM. WYSWYG Productions goal is to bring quality PLM content to your desk. Our format leverages the best and newest educational format – the Virtual Conference – a two day live event and a subsequently a two month on-demand event.

The launch of the Fall Bootcamp will kick start our PLM educational-based virtual events which will take place quarterly throughout 2010. PLM Bootcamp 09’ will be starts Thursday, October 8th and Friday, October 9th, 2009. Each day will start with a keynote speaker and be followed by a series of six fifty minute sessions. The day will end with a Virtual networking event which follows a panel session with the day’s presenters.  Sessions will start at 9 AM EST and will run until 5 PM.

Reason #1. Why miss out because it’s too $$ or too hard to schedule?

You don’t have to fly there. You don’t have to book a hotel. You can sit at your desk, sip a cup of coffee and log into one of fourteen sessions and learn more about PLM in one place then ever before.

Reason #2. Want to thrive in this new economy but need access to new solutions?
Education is key. Invest in your people! Invest in your business. Invest in yourself. You are not going to learn new things doing the same things you keep doing.

Reason #3. Meaning to connect but haven’t had the time and hate to be “sold”?

Networking may not be your priority but getting your questions answered might be. Tap into speakers through live chat, Q&A and our virtual exhibitor hall. You control who you speak to and who you want to meet.  Want to know who is already pre- registered?

Brooks Running, Lululemon, VF Corp, Levi’s, Isaco, Western Glove, Chico’s, 5th Sun, Appleseed, Dollar General and the U.S Army.

Reason #4. Not ready to invest in PLM but want to know what it can really do for you?

Been thinking about PLM but don’t know where to start? Sign up for all 14 sessions. Ready to jump in but want to know how to sell it internally and get everyone on board? Sign up for day one. In the middle of a PLM project and curious about how other companies are approaching things? Sign up for day 2.

Only interested in a few topics? Pick any topic a la carte. Think the whole company could benefit? Contact us for group rates.

Reason #5. Free Stuff

Attendees get to download our goody bag filled with valuable offers and information.


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